Strategic Innovation Management

How to identify, design and implement innovation strategies that maximize a company’s likelihood of success

Design and implement an innovation strategy

Innovation is the single most important driver of competitive advantage in many industries. In the race to innovate, the winners have clearly defined innovation strategies and processes. To improve their company’s innovation success rate, managers need to be able to tap into diverse sources of innovation, develop an innovation strategy, and design coherent structures, culture, and processes for implementing innovation.

The most promising sources of innovation do often not reside within the company. Therefore, this three-weeks‘ online program teaches you methods for identifying and effectively tapping into valuable sources of innovation beyond the boundaries of the firm. Moreover, innovations with sustained success are rarely the result of serendipity and unconstrained experimentation. You will thus learn in this course how to define and develop innovation strategies. Yet, even the best innovation strategies will not achieve their full potential if they are poorly implemented. This course provides you with tools to actively manage the innovation process and thus set it up for long term advantages. You will reflect on the extent to which your corporate structures, culture and processes support the innovation strategy and learn how these elements interact in a holistic innovation system.

Target Group

This online program is aimed at middle and senior management employees who are responsible for their business areas and the innovation process.


  • 3 weeks + launch week

  • Time expenditure 8 – 9h per week


  • CHF 1’490

Live Sessions

  • The live sessions take place once a week and last from 3PM to 6PM

  • Program start: June 13, 2022

    Thursday, June 23, 2022
    Thursday, June 30, 2022
    Thursday, July 07, 2022

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June 13, 2022

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Your Learning Journey

This interactive and implementation-oriented program is offered exclusively online. The entire course lasts three weeks and is divided into three modules. Each week you complete one module. Complete the course with a confirmation of participation.

Slide Launch
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Confirmation of participation

Launch-Week: Overview & getting to know each other

  • Launch week starts on Monday before week 1
  • You will receive access to the learning platform and can interact with your colleagues

Week 1–3: Learn, interact and

  • The content for the coming week is unlocked every Friday
  • You have one week to complete all tasks and finish the week
  • The weekly live session helps to deepen the content learned, ask questions and exchange ideas with the other participants
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The HSG online program offers sustainable success

The HSG online programs convince with a well thought-out and sustainable learning and teaching methodology. Through the interactive exchange with lecturers and other participants, you can develop the necessary know-how. The learning process guides you through different units within the following three steps:

  • Acquire knowledge. We provide you with suitable learning material on our learning platform.

  • Exchange ideas with your colleagues and lecturers in weekly live sessions to tackle your specific challenges and review the results in joint project assignments.
  • Various industries are discussed and covered in these live sessions and cases. Apply the know-how you have gained directly in your practice and establish an implementation plan for your company.

What does a typcial week look like?

Our blended learning approach includes interactive content, video presentations, white board sessions, infographics, live surveys, case studies and readings, multiple choice tests, group assignments and lessons learned and business talks.

Slide Learn
Time needed
approx. 2 h
Time needed
approx. 3-4 h
Time needed
approx. 3 h
Learning Lessons learned Readings / Cases Videos Group assignments Live Q&A Live sessions Business talks with practice lecturers Application tasks in the team Multiple choice

Week by week on track to implementation

Each week you dedicate yourself to a specific topic and learn to apply it in practice.


  • Tapping into the creativity of individuals and the masses through crowdsourcing
  • Leveraging in-house R&D to absorb and process external knowledge
  • Unleashing the innovative power of different players in innovation networks
Practical Benefit
  • Acquire practices that harness the innovation potential of individuals and crowds
  • Gain insights into how to strengthen in-house R&D while increasing the absorptive capacity of external knowledge
  • Distinguish between different external sources of innovation and acquire methods to leverage them in innovation networks


  • Determining which innovations are best for the company’s strategy
  • Deciding whether, with whom, and how to partner for innovation
  • Capturing value for your company in the context of partnerships
Practical Benefit
  • Learn how to increase the fit between potential innovations and existing business models and capabilities
  • Develop competencies to select and lead strategic partnerships for innovation
  • Assess the appropriateness of various intellectual property protection mechanisms


  • Adapting organizational structures and processes to foster the emergence and implementation of innovations
  • Setting new impulses for a culture that promotes innovation
  • Recognizing the interdependencies between structures, processes and culture and optimizing their interplay for successful innovations
Practical Benefit
  • Understand how innovation capability can be structurally anchored within the company
  • Examine the extent to which your organizational culture is conducive to innovation and experiment with different forms of cultural change
  • Develop planning and implementation skills for innovation processes and analyze potential sources of opposition within the company

Participant Profile

In this online program you will meet participants from various industries with many years of professional experience. An exciting exchange awaits you, from which you can also benefit outside of the course content.

~years work experience
average age
number of industries
middle and upper management


3 Reasons to Attend

  • Benefit from decades of excellent research and practical relevance in strategic management at the IoMS-HSG

  • Receive valuable impulses for your management responsibility in the areas of strategy and innovation

  • Network with exciting peers and discuss solutions for your specific challenges

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