Competence center Ecosystems and Platforms

This competence center deals with the research area of ​​alliances, platforms and ecosystems. More and more companies are connecting in cooperative systems in order to be able to jointly provide a collective value proposition. The emergence of digital platforms is becoming increasingly important in many industries. The aim of this competence center is to generate knowledge about the functioning and performance consequences of these multilateral communities. The core of the considerations is to no longer regard companies as individual players with sharp dividing lines from customers, suppliers and competitors; but to focus on related business activities.

How our competence center shapes research and practice

We deal with questions at the ecosystem level:

  • How do ecosystems develop, mature and break up?
  • What roles do the individual companies play in an ecosystem?
  • When is it best to enter an ecosystem and when to leave it?

We also study the strategic decisions and changes made by companies in the ecosystem context:

  • How do people make strategic decisions that affect ecosystems?
  • How do you organize effectively in ecosystems?
  • What changes are necessary in established companies that are confronted with ecosystems?

Our Cooperations

The competence center aims to initiate an effective exchange between science and the business world that focuses on strategic management in the context of ecosystems. To this end, we have formed a consortium of leading companies that are building ecosystems across the economic spectrum.

With the partners of the consortium we create (a) a platform for strategists interested in ecosystem topics to exchange ideas through regular events and (b) co-create scientific and practical knowledge.

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Our core partners

Other collaboration

A selection of current research results


Collaboration between diverse partners, facilitated by digital technologies, can enable firms to create a diverse and innovative ecosystem. But, how can a firm be a good “gardener” of such an ecosystem? How can ecosystem leaders establish an effective and collaborative relationship with diverse partners in innovation ecosystems?


Karolin Frankenberger
Joachim Stonig
Andreas Reiter


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In the realm of digital platforms, orchestrators are the pivotal players and therefore stand to gain significantly as platform-based ecosystems increase market share and eat into the profits of traditional companies. Still, while many companies participate in platform-based ecosystems, few have been able to reap the benefits. Orchestrators often face challenges with scaling the ecosystem, expanding it beyond its initial use case, or simply with monetization and value extraction. This article is a step-by-step strategic guide for orchestrators, which will help them grow their platform-based ecosystems, attract and retain partners and customers, and maximize their share of the pie generated by the digital ecosystem.