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White Paper – How to go about remodeling your organization? Disruption in the insurance industry

13. January 2022

White Paper – How to go about remodeling your organization? Disruption in the insurance industry Authors: N. Kular, A. Jäger, F. Hoyos & K. Frankenberger Undertaking a complete management innovation is no easy feat for any firm, especially when you have over 10,000 employees and 100 years of legacy behind

GetAbstract International Book Award

2. September 2021

Das Buch “Das Digital Transformer’s Dilemma” gehört zu den Finalisten des renommierten getAbstract International Book Award. Jedes Jahr sichtet getAbstract mehr als 10 000 deutsch- und englischsprachige Businessbücher. Je zwei deutsche und englische Titel werden dann als Empfänger der prestigeträchtigen Auszeichnung nominiert.

Herzliche Gratulation an unsere Direktorin Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger, sowie der weiteren Autorenschaft um Hannah M. Mayer, Andreas Reiter und Markus Schmidt für diese Nominierung!

Nikolaus S. Lang – Neuer Honorarprofessor

3. June 2021

Wir freuen uns sehr über die Ernennung von Nikolaus S. Lang zum Honorarprofessor für Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG). Der gebürtige Österreicher ist Experte für Innovationen und Geschäftsmodelle im Bereich Mobilität. Er ist Leiter der Boston Consulting Group (BCG) für die Global-Advantage-Praxis sowie Kernmitglied der Industriegüter- und Automobilpraxis. In unserem Master in Business Management (MUG-HSG) wird Nikolaus Lang mit einer Vorlesung zu digitalen Plattformen/Ökosystemen betraut.

Research Seminar with Prof. Brian S. Silverman

3. May 2021

Come and join our next research seminar with Prof. Brian S. Silverman, Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Toronto.

Time: Thursday 06.05.2021 from 2 to 3.30 p.m.
Location: Online, via Zoom
Title: Internal Network Structure as a Knowledge-Appropriation Mechanism

If you want to join, please contact Prof. J. Peter Murmann for the link.

We are looking forward to this session!

A Step Toward Making Your Company More Sustainable

29. April 2021

What would you do differently today if you were responsible for taking back all the products you sold? Karolin Frankenberger  speaks at the Online Sustainability Summit of Harvard Business Review Turkey, held on April 27th 2021.

Have a look at the 15min session and get some insights about #sustainability and customer perspectives.

Best Conference Paper Prize at the Strategic Management Society 41st Annual Conference

26. April 2021

And another good news! The proposal of Christoph Lechner and Maximilian Jakob Dexheimer has been nominated for the Best Conference Paper Prize at the Strategic Management Society 41st Annual Conference.

Topic: How to Stand Out from the Crowd: Detecting Patterns in App Endorsements on the App-store.

Congratulations to both!

Best-Paper-Notification at the Academy of Management Conference!

22. April 2021

Congratulations to Felicitas Pietrulla for receiving a Best-Paper-Notification at the prestigious Academy of Management Conference!

What drives and influences Circular Business Models and what are related outcomes? As part of her PhD project, the paper “A research framework for Circular Business Models” has been accepted to the prestigious Academy of Management Conference and received a Best-Paper-Notification of the “Organizations and the Natural Environment: A Division of AOM”. A brief version of the paper will be published in the proceedings of the conference: It presents a holistic research framework on Circular Business Models summarizing various relevant factors by reviewing related academic literature such as Business Model Innovation or Ecosystem research.

Annual Report 2021

12. April 2021

We are proud to present our Annual Report from 2020. Thanks a lot to all contributors who made this report happen! Enjoy reading and we are looking forward to your feedback.

The Power of Ecosystems

1. April 2021

Not all partners have to follow the same rules in #ecosystems. Orchestrators can create governance tiers to strike a balance between standardized formal contracts and partner-specific informal relationships. This allows them to effectively coordinate many diverse partners around a new value proposition.

Karolin Frankenberger, Andreas Reiter and Joachim Stonig presented these findings from their current research in the webinar series on the “Power of Ecosystems” by the Business Ecosystem Alliance. This initiative of the #thinkers50 organization reunited a global audience of more than 5’500 people interested in ecosystems.

Why do some companies outperform others?

25. February 2021

Strategic Management as its core tries to explain differences in performance. Based on these insights, firms then exploit these differences to build a competitive advantage. Erwin Hettich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Head of the Strategy Lab at our Insitute focuses on advancing the method in which strategy-making is perceived. Providing insight into performance support firms that seek to make better strategic decisions.

#strategylab #hsgfocus

Herzlich Willkommen am IfB Simoné Hättenschwiler-Wenger!

16. February 2021

Wir freuen uns, gehörst du ab jetzt zum Team und wünschen dir einen guten Start! Mit hoffentlich bald mehr persönlicher Interaktion :-)

“I do not think there will be a back-to-normal”

8. February 2021

“I do not think there will be a back-to-normal”. Have a look at this interesting interview with Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens in which he reflects on his new book «The New Strategist”. Strategizing in times of uncertainty, on organizational resilience, purpose and how to keep an open mindset, yet have the courage to stand up for own values.

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