Out now! New Book about the Professionalization of Humanitarian Organizations

Müller-Stewens, Günter/Dinh, Tami/ Hartmann, Bettina/Eppler, Martin/Bünzli, Fabienne (2018): The professionalization of humanitarian organizations: The art of balancing multiple stakeholder interests at the ICRC, Berlin: Springer.

This book offers deep insights into the functioning of humanitarian organizations (HOs) from a managerial perspective. Presenting an in-depth case study on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), it demonstrates how HOs can professionalize the management of their operations by adapting the institutional logic of private corporations and applying their tools and frameworks in the context of a non-profit-organization. The authors discuss the advantages of effective stakeholder and change management for HOs, as well as the tensions caused by conflicting institutional logics and ethical conflicts that arise as a result of a violation of the principles of an HO. The book appeals to anyone interested in managing non-governmental organizations more effectively.

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