We support companies on the path of strategy development and the search for new growth paths and competitive advantage.

Strategy work

More foresight and capacity for action


Developing strategic options for growth

A sea of options

Strategy research indicates that effective strategy work is a combination of creativity (identifying options) and choosing the superior strategy path. Strategy Exploration supports the creative search process to identify growth options and expands the scope of action of companies. The method enables a systematic selection of superior strategic options in the context of an abundant number of possibilities.

The result is a more profound strategic thinking. For more foresight and growth in the future.


Building competitive edge

Competitive Edge

Anticipating opportunities and threats earlier and responding faster than the competition is critical to gaining a competitive advantage in an uncertain and ever-changing business landscape. Preparation and foresight determine whether a threats are perceived in time and whether a company can respond timely.
Wargaming sharpens the ability to recognise the competition of today and the future and develops a skillset to advance in highly competitive markets.

The result are robust business models and strong competitive positions.

Why with us

Only those who know their options can remain relevant

See more and respond faster

In an environment of rapid change, preparation and foresight are critical for an immediate response. Companies with sharpened visibility grow stronger because they identify opportunities faster and make better strategic decisions. Our approaches build on insights and methods of the latest science and practice to equip strategy teams with an edge through structured exploration of growth options.

Breadth and depth in strategy

Cognitive boundaries of human thinking can limit the quality of strategy work. When extensive information is processed or conclusions about the future are made, premature and simplistic assumptions are often made. Biases and emotions can also get in the way of optimal decision-making. Effective strategy work, on the other hand, is interactive, explorative and the product of all involved in the strategy process. We draw on visualisations, simulations and computer-assisted workshop formats to remain focused on the essentials, even in highly complex situations. This way, we help companies to expand the search horizon for solutions and to include a wide range of options – without losing sight of the key issues and risking the executability of the strategy work.

Building strategic intelligence and superiority

Strategy is not static – but adaptive in constant change. That is why building strategic competence is crucial for an organisation’s ability to act. As the Strategy Institute of the University of St. Gallen (HSG), empowering strategy teams is in our DNA. Our formats do not simply develop strategies, but also methodological competences of the entire team – for an effective strategy implementation.

How we work

Excellent strategy work is about seeing options and selecting the superior ones from them. That is why we combine analytical depth and scientific approaches with intuition and creativity

Strategy Exploration

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