In the last few years, the framework conditions for companies have changed considerably due to technical and digital, as well as social, legal and ecological developments. The Institute of Management and Strategy (IoMS-HSG) endeavors to make a valuable contribution to the analysis, design and generation of solutions to cope with numerous challenges for the economy through research and close cooperation with business representatives.

A few facts about research at the IoMS

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The Institute of Management & Strategy (IoMS) consists of five chairs held by Björn Ambos, Karolin Frankenberger, Tomi Laamanen, Christoph Lechner and J. Peter Murmann. The IoMS maintains close ties to the economy. There is an intensive exchange of practice and cross-fertilization by means of research and consulting projects carried out with national and international companies of various industries. We publish our findings in nationally and internationally recognized journals and books.

Our Competence Centers

The IoMS focuses its research on the latest topics in business management. The aim is to offer the most up-to-date and useful knowledge both for society and for companies to respond to their challenges.

Global & Corporate Strategy

As globalization progresses, today’s top management places its holistic, global strategy at the center of its corporate mission.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are an important engine of transformation in the global economy with significant influence on national and international production networks, market relations and competitive dynamics.

Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems

Due to the advent of digital platforms, issues of cooperative strategies, both at the business, corporate and network levels, have again become increasingly important.

Strategy Processes & Corporate Transformation

By identifying and defining new business processes that offer more efficient opportunities through digital technologies, new regulations, new markets, new customer profiles and new business practices, unique strategies can be formed.

Innovative Business Models & Competitive Strategies

Through business model innovations, companies create and secure competitive advantages and adapt to the constant change.

Circular Economy

This competence center deals with the promising alternative to today's linear economic system and shows a way out of the waste of resources and waste creation.