Our Master programs

The IoMS is responsible for two Master programs at the HSG: the Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM) and the Master in General Management (MGM). In the current Financial Times ranking, the SIM master’s program is ranked number 1 worldwide.

Strategy and International Management (SIM)

The top international master’s program in strategy at the University of St.Gallen

Master in General Management (MGM)

The Master’s degree in General Management at the University of St.Gallen

Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM)

The SIM Master is the top program at the University of St.Gallen, which combines management knowledge critical to success with outstanding practice, thus preparing students for the demanding business world.

Master program’s base

Core courses in strategic, international and financial management are the base of the Master program in Strategy and International Management. The core courses are supplemented by advanced management courses and so-called “SIM Integratives” like Entrepreneurship, Digitization and Network Strategy. In addition, as part of the “SIM in Practice”, our students develop global initiatives aimed at creating social added value for society. An international mandatory internship is also completed until the end of the studies. This gives students a holistic approach to solve complex challenges in all areas of management.

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Combination of different subjects

SIM provides an integrative and interdisciplinary approach that enables our students to meet complex management challenges of our time. Its base is the pursuit of independent action and orientation towards high ethical and academic standards.

International environment

SIM Master is a three-semester program (18 months). The students have to complete a total of 90 ECTS. Taking the international environment into consideration, the language of teaching and exams is English. Our students graduate with the “Master of Arts of the HSG in Strategy and International Management”. This research-based program starts for successful candidates once a year in September.

Sponsoring SIM Master program

The success of the SIM Master program is based on the contribution of entrepreneurial sponsors that can enhance the program development efforts. For this reason, contacts with progressive companies interested in the variety of sponsorship opportunities are constantly being looked for the SIM Master program. The SIM management has proven that it has the know-how to create mutually beneficial sponsor partnerships.


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Master in General Management (MGM)

The Master program in General Management (MGM) has a clear goal: students should be educated and trained in the most important management skills that are crucial for overcoming the diverse challenges of companies.

Master program’s base

Note: The Master in General Management (MGM) is a reformed Master’s program that replaces our Master’s program in Management (MUG), which was founded in 2012. The reform will take effect from the fall semester of 2022. A key feature of the reformed course is its hybrid language model. This means that at least 1/3 of the courses must be completed in German and at least 1/3 of the courses in English.

With the Master’s program in General Management (MGM), the HSG builds on its traditional position in the German-speaking world. The entire Master’s is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial mindset and prepares students for responsible positions in management, administrative departments, management consultancies and other management functions – regardless of whether in a large corporation, medium-sized company or start-up.

Our master’s program focuses on current and future challenges of sustainable corporate management. The conceptual approach is based on three levels that build on one another:

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Level 1: Lay the foundation stone.

In order to impart uniform knowledge of the core disciplines of corporate management, our students attend nine courses on the topics of strategy, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, leadership, business & data analytics and personality development.

Level 2: Broadening the perspective.

Based on this strong foundation, students can apply and deepen their skills by taking “Advanced General Management Courses”, electives from their own study program or other master’s programs at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), as well as courses from contextual studies, the subject areas outside of economics cover.

Level 3: Producing results.

The last level focuses on the practical application of the knowledge acquired. Specifically, it is about mastering a real operational challenge as part of a one-year “Managerial Impact Project”, dealing with at least one “Grand Challenge of Business & Society” and developing an innovative master’s thesis.


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