Competence Center Strategy Processes and Corporate Transformation

This Competence Center focuses on the factors that determine the formation of strategies at the analysis level of groups, functions, companies and networks. The field is built on various theories, including intra-organizational evolution, limited rationality, power, politics, organizational learning, socio-cognitive theory or organizational contingency theory. Research flows cover a wide range of phenomena, including strategic planning, strategic decision-making, strategy implementation, strategic change and renewal, consensus, policy and power in strategy building, the role of organizational actors in strategy building and comprehensive strategy-building model development.

Furthermore, we strive to produce and share new ideas and insights about organizations. Our goal is to identify and exploit the opportunities of new digital technologies, new regulations, new markets, new customer profiles and business practices. We focus on processes of companies and organizations of all kinds, regardless of age, size, geographic scope, social direction, profit orientation or ownership.

Competence Center Management

Prof. Dr. Johann Peter Murmann

Johann Peter Murmann is Professor of Strategic Management and AGSM Fellow at the UNSW Australia Business School.

Prof. Dr. Tomi Laamanen

Tomi Laamanen is a chair holder and professor of strategic management at the University of St.Gallen.

Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari

Omid Aschari is Managing Director of the Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen since its inception in 2003.