Strategy Workshop – Advisory and Strategy Development

Whether as a permanent advisor or as an expert in occasional workshops, we are at your disposal in all matters of strategic management. What makes us different in our work is that we have been helping small and large companies and their employees for decades to take the strategy into their own hands. Together we identify the most important strategic challenges and provide solution finding and implementation support. You will benefit from our extensive practical experience, our proven scientific competence and ability to share strategic knowledge.

Competence Centers

The IoMS focuses its research on the latest topics in business management. The aim is to offer the most up-to-date and useful knowledge both for society and for companies to respond to their challenges.

Global & Corporate Strategy

As globalization progresses, today’s top management places its holistic, global strategy at the center of its corporate mission.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are an important engine of transformation in the global economy with significant influence on national and international production networks, market relations and competitive dynamics.

Ecosystems & Platforms

Due to the advent of digital platforms, issues of cooperative strategies, both at the business, corporate and network levels, have again become increasingly important.

Strategy Processes & Corporate Transformation

By identifying and defining new business processes that offer more efficient opportunities through digital technologies, new regulations, new markets, new customer profiles and new business practices, unique strategies can be formed.

Innovative Business Models & Competitive Strategies

Through business model innovations, companies create and secure competitive advantages and adapt to the constant change.

Circular Economy, Business Models & Sustainable Transformation

This Competence Center focuses on the promising alternative to today’s linearly functioning economic systems and presents a solution to the waste of resources and the creation of waste in the first place.

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Volker Stadlmüller

Lic. oec. publ. UZH, MAS SHE UZH
Vice Director Institute of Management & Strategy (IoMS), Director Executive Education