Doktorieren am IfB

PhD fellows at our Institute usually take the Doctoral Program in Business Administration (Ph.D. Program in Management, PMA) with a focus on “General Management”. The doctoral program will prepare you for an academic career or for academic work in practical working life.

Doctoral program structure

The program is divided into a course phase and a thesis phase. Two compulsory courses and at least two methods and specialized courses of the doctoral programs of the University of St.Gallen or the Global School in Empirical Research are to be attended in the course phase. After the submission of the research proposal, the thesis phase begins. At least two thesis-related seminars/colloquia have to be completed. Another methods course or a further seminar can be assigned regardless of the phase. General Management focuses on topics like Corporate and Competitive Strategy, International Business, Family Business, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Processes and Decision Making, and Management of Stakeholders and Sustainability. It is an interdisciplinary program based on concepts and theories of economics, sociology and psychology. It addresses a variety of issues having direct or indirect impact on the effectiveness of organizations. The overall objective of the research focus is to address issues having significant consequences for the management practice through rigorous scientific research.

Doctoral students at the IoMS

PhD fellows at the chair of Prof. Ambos