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Best Paper Award

20. Juni 2024

Congratulations to Prof. J. Peter Murmann and Benedikt Schuler! Their paper on the modularity of electric and internal combustion car technology was selected as the runner-up for the „Best Industry Studies Paper Award“ at the Industry Studies Association Annual Conference.

New podcast online!

3. Juni 2024

📣 The new podcast from our competence center „Alliances, Platforms and Ecosystems“ is online!

In this episode, Dr. Dominik Benner from The Platform Group AG talks with Alexander Göritz from the competence center about managing a portfolio of platforms and infusing knowledge and capabilities to grow them under one’s own umbrella. They cover topics as:

– How do you select your portfolio companies?
– How do you manage the complexities of overseeing multiple companies simultaneously, each operating in distinct sectors and industries?
– Do you get involved in your portfolio companies or are they only financial investments?
– Which services do you centralize at The Platform Group or at Benner Holding?

APE Manager of the Month April 2024

30. April 2024

We are excited to announce our „APE Manager of the Month“ April 2024: Dr. Dominik Benner!

After studying business administration at the Universität St.Gallen (HSG) and at Insead Fontaineblau, Dr. Benner received his Dr. oec. HSG degree. Ever since he joined his family’s business in 2012, a variety of platforms such as “Schuhe24” and “Outfits24” have been created. With the most recent headline integration of fashionette, The Platform Group AG, of which Dr. Benner is Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, has grown to the next level. We congratulate Dr. Benner to this remarkable success and are happy to announce him “APE Manager of the Month“ April 2024!

New podcast online

2. April 2024

The new podcast from our competence center „Alliances, Platforms and Ecosystems“ is online! In this episode, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus S. Lang from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) talks with Alexander Göritz from the competence center about geopolitical developments and their impact on bilateral agreements like Joint Ventures and on ecosystems.

We are at START24

21. März 2024

Reach for resilience, FailForward and dare to evolve – this year’s START Global Summit x Hack looks more than ever like an illustration of the University of St.Gallen’s brand promise: Experience the Competence Center “Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems” and meet us at START Summit x Hack 2024: whether through academic study, research, teaching, training, forming partnerships, facilitating collaboration or networking – it is about realizing that the most successful and impactful ideas originate from academic roots. Our institution has been the cradle of numerous successful startups, well-known founders, and the START Summit, making it a unicorn in the European startup landscape.


We are looking for a Doctoral Candidate and/or Postdoctoral Researcher

7. März 2024

We are looking for a Doctoral Candidate and/or Postdoctoral Researcher 100 % (starting August 2024 or by mutual agreement).

The Chair of Professor Tomi Laamanen is seeking to hire a PhD Candidate and/or Postdoctoral Researcher who are motivated to assist and support the chair’s Master and PhD courses as well as to participate in the chair’s research and occasional practice projects. The topic area focus of the position is “Artificial Intelligence Strategy Processes with a specialization on M&A or Adaptive Strategy Implementation”.

Interested? More details here:

APE Manager of the Month

29. Februar 2024

At the heart of innovation and collaboration, the Competence Center Alliances, Platforms, & Ecosystems (APE) at the University of St.Gallen is excited to launch our monthly recognition program: APE Manager of the Month.

We’re on a mission to spotlight the remarkable talents and achievements within our community. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate those who are making significant impacts in alliances, platforms, and ecosystems.

🔍 We Need Your Insight! 🔍

Do you know someone who embodies excellence in APE management? Someone whose leadership, innovation, or collaboration is making a difference? We invite you to share their story with us.

Your nominations will not only highlight their achievements but also inspire others in our network. Let’s come together to celebrate the outstanding contributions within our community.

📅 Nominate Today for March 2024 by clicking on the link or by scanning the QR code! 📅

We eagerly anticipate your nominations and the chance to celebrate the exceptional talent among us. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey to excellence. Let’s make this a thriving platform for recognition and inspiration!

Exciting guest speakers in our MGM course “Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems“

26. Februar 2024

📢 For everyone interested in the topics „alliances, platforms and ecosystems“

In our MGM course “8,223 Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems” taught by Prof. Christoph Lechner, we will welcome three exciting guest speakers and we invite you to join us for the following sessions:

– 6. March 2024, 17:00-18:00: Dominik Temerowski, VP Alliance Management, Swisscom
– 13. March 2024, 17:00-18:00: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lang, Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Global Advantage Practice, Boston Consulting Group & HSG
– 27. March 2024, 17:00-18:00: Dr. Florian Geuppert, CEO, Stylight

Each session will take place in room SQUARE Hilti 1 – 11-1071. No need to register, just drop by. In case of questions, please contact Alexander Göritz (

Foundation of the Competence Center “Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems”

12. Februar 2024

The Institut für Betriebswirtschaft | Universität St.Gallen is thrilled to announce the foundation of the new #Competence #Center “#Alliances, #Platforms, & #Ecosystems”, which will be led by Executive Director Alexander Göritz and Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner as Academic Director. In this competence center, the Institut für Betriebswirtschaft collaborates with the Center for Financial Services Innovation (FSI-HSG) | Universität St.Gallen. The #mission of this competence center is to develop and disseminate new #perspectives in the field of alliances, (digital) platforms, and ecosystems through #interdisciplinary #collaboration between #research and #practice.

Weiterbildungsstipendium vergeben

23. Januar 2024

Die diesjährige Gewinnerin des Weiterbildungsstipendiums im Rahmen unserer Kooperation mit den Leaderinnen Ostschweiz ist bekannt! Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von unserer Seite an Rosa Ilmer – Walser. Wir freuen uns, Sie bald im Senior Management Programm begrüssen zu dürfen.

Besuch von Björn Rosengreen, CEO von ABB, in der Bachelorvorlesung „Strategisches Management“

20. November 2023

Heute besuchte uns Björn Rosengren, #CEO ABB, in der Bachelorveranstaltung «Strategisches Management» von Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner. Studierende lernten ABB als #technology #leader in #electrification und #automation kennen. Dabei betonte Björn Rosengren, wie wichtig ein gemeinsamer Purpose in der Transformation zu einem #lean #corporate ist. In der Kombination mit aktivem Portfolio Management und radikaler Verschiebung der Profit & Loss Verantwortung zur Divisionsebene schaffte es ABB seit der Übernahme Björn Rosengrens als CEO im Jahr 2020 die operative Marge von unter 12% auf über 17% zu erhöhen und den Aktienkurs zu verdoppeln.

Karolin Frankenberger hält Eröffnungsrede an der Circular Lab Conference

6. November 2023

📢 Letzte Woche haben wir die CircularLab Konferenz bereits angekündigt. Umso mehr freuen wir uns bekannt zu geben, dass Prof. Dr. Karolin Frankenberger die Eröffnungsrede halten wird! Als renommierte Professorin für Strategisches Management und Innovation an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG), Direktorin am Institut für Betriebswirtschaft | Universität St.Gallen und Mit-Initiatorin des Circular Labs bringt Karolin eine beeindruckende Expertise in den Bereichen (digitale) Geschäftsmodelle und Kreislaufwirtschaft mit.

Verpassen Sie nicht ihre inspirierende Keynote und sichern Sie sich Ihr Ticket für die Circular Lab Konferenz 2023! 💡

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