Vontobel Group

Managing an Integrated Business Model


Vontobel Group is an internationally oriented Swiss private bank with an integrated business model, combining private banking, asset management, and investment banking under one roof. This case describes Vontobel’s opportunities and challenges managing such an integrated design through financial market turbulence. It shows how Vontobel’s business model is designed and how alliances play a crucial role in it. The purpose of this case is to provide insights into the Swiss private banking industry and illustrates a business model and its constituent components. The case is useful for students enrolled in post-graduate business administration programs, including MBA and Executive Education. The teaching focus of the case is twofold: (1) understanding Business Model Evolution; and (2) comparing the competitive merits of a type of business model to those of other business model types. This case was written with the support of a Philip Law Scholarship awarded by ecch.

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Case – Reference no. 311-004-1

Authors: Albert, D. (University of St. Gallen); Lechner, C. (University of St. Gallen)
Published in: 2011
Length: 19 pages
Data source: Field research

Teaching note – Reference no. 311-004-8

Authors: Albert, D. (University of St. Gallen); Lechner, C. (University of St. Gallen)
Published in: 2011
Length: 10 pages
Data source: Field research

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